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Orb of Aeternum
The Orb of Aeternum has been hidden away for centuries. An artefact so powerful it would destroy the world if it fell into the wrong hands. Mine for gold, build upgrades, fight off the intrudes, and protect the Orb.
Golf Monday
Avoid the sand traps and water hazards, score birdies and eagles, make new friends, and win the day. Enjoy a golf experience where you not only need to aim your shots, but also keep your social skills finely tuned.
Cosmic Collapse
Combine smaller planets to make larger ones in this physics based puzzle game. Use interstellar weaponry to destroy planets in your way. A totally accurate simulation of celestial bodies.
The Shadow King
Terror has struck the Knights of Valor and they need your help to restore their order and get back to their former glory! Upgrade your moves and weapons along the way as you fight minions, defeat bosses, find secrets, and unravel what has happened.
They say it started in a lab, but no one knows for sure. It doesn't matter anyway, you just need to survive another 10 minutes! Fight your way through the hordes using everything at your disposal and get to the chopper!
Help the minions of the underworld across bubbling pools of lava with rickety bridges and non-regulated constructions. Will you go for the easiest route, or test your skills and aim for the coveted skulls? Return to completed challenges to perfect your builds!
A playful way to create simple electronic loops and beats. Combine equipment with cables in interesting ways and make crazy complex stuff that sounds like nothing you've heard before!
A tiny modeller for tiny models. Build and texture lowpoly 3D models in a fun, easy, accessible way. Not bloated or overly compilcated, picoCAD comes rich with constraints that helps you on the way.
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